Bowesfield Flexible Energy Park

We are proposing to develop an innovative project to build and run a natural gas / hydrogen ‘peaker’ plant and an electricity storage battery on the Bowesfield Crescent Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees.  Flexible energy generation and storage will help the deployment of more renewable energy and in turn contribute towards the UK’s net zero targets.

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Local authority: Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Postcode of offices near to the site: TS18 3BL

Size: c0.5 hectares (c1.2 acres)

History: The riverside site formerly had a foundry on it and the Teesside Development Corporation 1987 to 1998 extracted clay from the site.

Project description: The proposal is for The Banks Group to build and run a gas / hydrogen peaker plant on the Bowesfield industrial estate, Stockton-on-Tees. The type of “peaking power plant”, (also known as a “peaker plants”), we are seeking to install at Bowesfield Crescent Industrial Estate, is a power plant that will run on either natural gas or hydrogen, to generate electricity. Peaker plants are very good at handling short-term, sudden surges in electricity demand. In this way they help balance supply with demand – in short they help balance the grid.

Co-located next to the peaker plant will be a battery that will be charged by power from the National Grid. This electricity stored in the battery can also then be released to the National Grid at times of peak demand.

All being well we are aiming to have this flexible energy park be operational by Autumn 2022.


Local energy storage and generation: The shift underway towards the de-centralisation of the National Grid, in which energy distribution will be managed in smaller, more localised, grids rather than the large-scale network operator system currently in place, will see storage capacity in certain areas of the UK increase. Energy storage will play a key role the smart, flexible and decarbonised future energy system.

Economic benefits:

• Due to the nature of combined peaker and battery storage plants they have the ability to generate electricity when the cost of their fuel is low. The energy they generate is released to the grid at times of peak demand and high price. This makes them economically viable, able to create local wealth and jobs.

Social benefits:

• Access to electricity is widely regarded as a prerequisite for an appropriate / decent standard of living and social integration.

• Ensuring the sufficient provision of electricity generated by economically, environmentally and socially acceptable means continues to be an important objective for policymakers around the world. Peaker plants have a valuable part to play to balancing the grid.

Environmental benefits:

• Natural gas peaker plants do not produce emissions all of the time, because they do not run all of the time. As the name implies, they run when the network experiences a peak in demand and there is not enough generation to meet that demand.

• Due to their very nature as assets that serve loads quickly and locally to meet network demand, peaker plants are often also located in more densely populated areas than other types of thermal power plant.

Further information

To view our public webinar that took place on Tuesday 17 November 2020, at 19.00hrs, please click on the following YouTube link: Group webinar on Bowesfield Flexible Energy Park

To simply view the slides presented in our public webinar on Tuesday 17 November 2020, at 19.00hrs, please see: Bowesfield Flexible Energy Park, webinar slide pack, November 2020

Please click the following link to see a copy of the Webinar Q&A document, Nov 2020

Please click the following link to see a copy of the Bowesfield Energy Flexibility Park webinar invitation leaflet, October 2020

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