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Fithie Energy Park


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Sustainable energy for everyone

The UK’s energy system is increasingly powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. These are intermittent sources of energy, and therefore it is more and more important that we develop flexible energy parks to store energy.

Fithie Energy Park will store surplus electricity when consumer demand is low, and release it back on to the National Grid when demand is high. This helps balance the grid network and make the most of these renewable energy sources. At the moment, most of this balancing is done by importing power from abroad or burning carbon-intensive gas. Fithie Energy Park would therefore provide a safe, sustainable solution using an inherently safe, non carbon emitting technology.

Potential timeline

Jan-November 2024

Community consultation


Planning application submission


Planning determination





Key stats & location

  • LOCATION: Tealing, north of Dundee in Angus
  • CURRENT LAND USE: Agricultural
  • POTENTIAL ENERGY STORAGE: Up to 1,400MW two hour battery – enough to power the peak demands of over 1.6million homes for two hours
  • LIFE SPAN: Up to 50 years in operation

Key benefits

Replaces carbon-intensive gas on the UK energy network

Reduces our reliance on imported energy

Enables more renewables on the grid

Commitment to boosting local biodiversity

Co-design community benefits with the community

Being nature-positive

A nature-positive approach enriches biodiversity, tackles climate change, purifies water and often employs nature based solutions to achieve this.

With Fithie Energy Park, we will work with nature to:

  • Protect biodiversity whilst tackling climate change on a nationally significant scale
  • Design natural solutions to help mitigate the impact of extreme weather events- boosting local resilience
  • Create new habitats to help screen our proposals from local properties

Delivering a Just Transition

A ‘Just Transition’ means ensuring the transition to low-carbon energy is fair, equitable and creates a better future for everybody. It should create change at a local, community level and share the benefits of change with the community.

Supporting local business

Our commitment to local businesses means that we prioritise using local contractors at all stages of our project.

This means we spend more money locally, and work with local businesses to help them take advantage of the opportunities that come with a project like Fithie Energy Park.

Supporting communities

We will work with local residents, community council and the local authority to identify local priorities and how we can help support them, but we are also reliant on local people telling us what they think. We want to hear what you think this project could help deliver which would benefit your local community and leave a genuine, lasting social, economic and environmental legacy.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of our proposals please get in touch and our team will be happy to chat.

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