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Kype Muir


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Local Planning Authority: South Lanarkshire Council
Postcode of nearby property: ML10 6RE
Number of turbines: 26
Tip height: Up to 132m
Electricity generation capacity: Up to c88.4MW in total
Habitat management: c570 hectares (c1,408 acres) of habitat created to promote numbers of Black Grouse in the area
Lifetime of wind farm: 25 years
Site status: Fully operational since May 2019
Construction: April 2017 to early 2019

Site Information
Kype Muir Wind Farm, located approximately 5km south of the town of Strathaven, is a flagship development for Banks Renewables. Consisting of 26 turbines, the aim is to develop a commercial scale wind farm in a true partnership sense where the social, environmental and economic benefits are maximised and shared fairly between the operator, local authority and most importantly the communities surrounding the proposal.

Kype and Kype Extension combined project benefits

Homes provided with renewable electricity annually

Equivalent petrol cars taken off the road annually



Community benefit fund



Total investment in the local economy


Directly and indirectly supported through development


New recreational tracks

Kype Muir was delivered by:
• Community Partnering – a true partnership which sees the communities take their own share of the wind farm revenues to invest in their local area tackling the issues specific to them
• Connect2Renewables – a partnership between the operator, local authority and communities aimed at creating the necessary links between the operations of each party in order to maximise support for local businesses and opportunities for local people as a result of the wind farm’s operations

Banks Renewables is committed to developing partnership schemes that provide communities near our developments with a meaningful share in their local wind farm. These are always specifically tailored to local issues, as identified by local people.

As a company we are proud of the unique partnerships we are able to offer your community. These partnerships give the community an active role in the development of the project in a variety of ways:
• Enable the community to share directly in the project through a stake in the gross revenue generated
• Commit Banks Renewables to using local firms in the construction of the wind farm


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