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Barnsdale Solar & Battery Storage

What is this project?

Barnsdale Solar is a new and exciting renewable energy project proposal situated just outside of Leeds between Kippax and Allerton Bywater with an installed capacity of up to 40MW, which would generate enough electricity to cover the annual electrical consumption of approximately 12,000 homes each year. This is enough to power every household in Kippax and Methley, along with half the houses in Garforth and Swillington. Limited grid infrastructure will be required as the solar farm will utilise the existing Ledston Primary substation. The project will also include a battery storage facility which will enable us to store energy generated from the sun and deliver it to homes when they need it most.

Having completed the necessary technical assessments and studies to inform the planning application, the planning application was submitted to Leeds City Council in November 2020 and was then recommended for approval by officers. Planning consent was granted for the solar scheme in October 2021. We are currently identifying contractors and suppliers to build the solar farm. Further details on it’s construction is expected later this year.

The land used for the solar farm creates a safe place where nature and wildlife can flourish. The ground beneath the solar panels can allow the creation of a wildflower meadow and increased planting in hedgerows and field boundaries can bring both landscape and wildlife benefits. We are keen to ensure a net gain in biodiversity on the site to ensure a benefit to wildlife, linking with the adjacent nature reserve and supporting and enhancing the Leeds Habitat Network along the Sheffield Beck running through the site. The specific enhancements will be decided using the results of our ecological surveys and liaison with the Council and other relevant organisations.

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Why solar? Why this site?

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation to help reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions and stop climate change. In order to meet these targets, new renewable infrastructure and generating facilities must be developed. By choosing electricity generated from solar technology, we can help meet our energy targets and reduce GHG emissions whilst protecting and promoting local wildlife. The cost for developing solar technology has also significantly reduced in recent years – meaning solar is now one of cheapest ways to produce electricity, which should help keep household energy bills low.


After undergoing a detailed land search, the Barnsdale Solar site was identified as having the best opportunity to create a solar park that links directly into the electricity substation adjacent to the site. The local electricity grid has sufficient capacity to accommodate our proposed south facing Barnsdale site. An existing access point off Barnsdale Road will be used as the entrance to the development and the site is well screened with mature trees and hedgerows.

Barnsdale Solar & Battery Storage key benefits

13997 13,997

Homes supplied with renewable electricity each year

375000 375,000


Approximate CO2 saved over the lifetime of the project

6900 6,900

Equivalent petrol cars taken off the road due to CO2 savings each year


Creating species rich grassland

Net Zero

Contributing to the Government’s Net Zero ambitions & helping Leeds City Council’s “climate emergency”

Co-location benefits

Co-location of battery and solar for more efficient use of land

Over 600 600


New hedgerow planting

107 107 .01%

Biodiversity net gain

Barnsdale Solar Site – what could it look like?

It’s very important for us to let you know what the proposed development could look like. We have designed the Barnsdale site to ensure that the residential amenity of local residents is disturbed as little as possible. Some of the images on rotation below show what the Barnsdale site would look like from the footpath between Kippax Meadows and southern boundary, from completion, to a projection of 10 years on, as well as what the Barnsdale site could like from Park Lane with a visualisation of the battery storage facility on its own and also a visualisation of the battery storage facility and solar.

What would this project deliver to the local community?

We believe that the communities that host our projects should share in the benefits. The Barnsdale Solar project would bring a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits. We’d love to hear from you on what these benefits could include. The Barnsdale Solar project has a generous community fund which could be worth up to £25,000 every year. Just like the Hook Moor Wind Farm Community Fund, we would work with your community to identify the priorities for the fund. Your community will have a say in the local projects that should benefit from the funding. Get in touch and let us know how this fund could be used.

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