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Heritage, community & place


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Enabling communities to understand, value, care for and enjoy their local heritage.

Heritage, community and place means supporting and enabling the understanding, conservation and enhancement of local environments and helping communities strengthen their sense of place.

Why Is This Important?

Our approach will complement the wider picture of cultural heritage in the region, using local heritage sites and expertise to both conserve and enhance local heritage. Due to the rich history of the region, Bodinglee has a unique opportunity to help strengthen the connection local people have to the place they call home and make some practical improvements to the area.

By working closely with the community and local experts, we have designed a range of initiatives to bring this heritage to the forefront. We will deliver each of these as part of the project, aiming to make this an even more attractive place both for tourists visiting the area and the people that call it home.

Bodinglee Wind Farm Heritage, Community & Place initiatives

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