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Since 2021, we’ve been busy meeting with and listening to the views of the local communities around the proposed Bodinglee Wind Farm, taking into account local feedback to help develop our masterplan. You can explore this interactive masterplan online, you can also book a face-to-face meeting with member of the project team.

Bodinglee MP


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Why we have chosen this site

  • Excellent wind resource – Scotland boasts some of the best wind speeds in Europe and this site is in a great location within the country. Our nearby Middle Muir Wind Farm has delivered a consistently high yield since it became operational.
  • Excellent transport links – The proximity to the M74 minimises the disruption on local communities for construction as well as enhancing the potential for using the energy generated here for other technologies, such as a battery or hydrogen for vehicles.
  • Available grid connection and nearby infrastructure – This avoids the need for large amounts of grid infrastructure to stretch across the country to connect to the grid.

Reducing the size of the site

We’ve listened to feedback from the community and as a result have reduced the size of the site to remove almost a third of what was first planned to the south east of the boundary.

This also allows for us to consider different uses for this area of land whilst still maintaining a significant site which will provide thousands of homes with clean electricity to play a large part in Scotland’s path to net-zero, tackling climate change for generations to come.

High efficiency turbines

Bodinglee will be able to deploy the latest in high efficiency renewable technology. With modest increases in size, the current technology is able to produce over 7MW per turbine – enough electricity for 5,000 households.

This allows a smaller site to deliver up to 266MW of clean electricity. It is our expectation that larger capacity turbines will be available at the time of the construction phase, which would allow for an even higher site capacity and community benefit fund.

Battery energy storage

We are proposing a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for the site which will directly support the wind farm’s ability to store the electricity it generates at times when production is higher than demand. Our current design includes up to a 106MW battery which will be located on the site itself.

We are eager to get your views on this part of the project. The battery will:

  • Store electricity from the site and the grid when demand is low
  • Supply the grid with low cost electricity when demand is high
  • Play a key role in helping Scotland deploy renewables by directly addressing the intermittency issue and helping balance the demand & supply of electricity
  • Help reduce energy bills over the long term and provide a key part of Scotland’s journey to net- zero
  • The battery alone will displace around 20,000 tonnes of CO2 from the electricity grid annually, the equivalent of 12,000 cars being taken off the road every year.

Feedback On Our Battery Storage Proposal

Do you support our proposal to add battery storage to the Bodinglee Wind Farm project?

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