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Supporting local communities and the local economy from our wind farm activities in South Lanarkshire…

To help to understand how the Bodinglee project will support investment, jobs and growth for the region and Scotland, we commissioned Biggar economics to look at the wind farm and the supply chain supporting it. We have two nearby projects which have real-life data from the Connect2renewables initiative in action; giving local contractors priority in the tendering process. As a result of this initiative they have delivered industry-leading investment locally and in Scotland.


The four key goals of Connect2Renewables are:

  1. To maximise the benefits available from each of our wind farms for local people and for the local economy
  2. To create new employment, training and/or education opportunities for local people
  3. To directly support local businesses by encouraging them to join the Banks Renewables supply chain
  4. To support the establishment and work of local community advisory panels for individual projects, whose role will be to identify and advise on the development of projects and their community benefits

Our economic impact report estimates that Bodinglee will deliver:

  • A total project investment of £718M
  • £465.6M in the local region (60km)
  • £164M in South Lanarkshire
  • 590 job years created regionally – with an additional 100 in the rest of the UK

“Most of our work is from outside South Lanarkshire, so a big local project would result in more money staying in the region, resulting in our local suppliers benefiting along with local amenities and services.”

Ewan Turner – Drumclog Plant
As a result of our Connect2Renewales initiative, Drumclog Plant (based in Strathaven) was able to benefit from significant new investment in the local area, providing specialist construction services during the construction phase of the Kype Muir project.

Supporting the local economy

Hear from our team to find out how the proposed Bodinglee wind farm will help support local communites and contractors throughout the project’s lifetime.

Our local track record

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