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About Banks Renewables
• Banks Renewables is part of the Banks Group (www.banksgroup.co.uk), a family firm founded in 1976, based in Durham and Hamilton, which now employs 300 people in the renewable energy, property and mining sectors

• Banks Renewables develops renewable energy solutions to meet society’s demand for electricity and heat. We are committed to generating power from renewable technologies such as onshore wind farms and solar farms (ie generating electricity from photovoltaics or PV cells).

• Banks Renewables’ experienced development team works with landowners and takes projects from inception to completion, handling all aspects of the planning and delivery process. Development with care is at the heart of everything we do and therefore we develop all our sites in close consultation with the local community.

• Banks Renewables currently operates nine onshore wind farms. Our current nine operational wind farms are i) Armistead; ii) Hazlehead; iii) Heysham South; iv) Hook Moor; v) Lambs Hill; vi) Marr; vii) Middle Muir; viii) Moor House and ix) Penny Hill.

• We are investing over £200m into renewable generation and by 2019 will have an operating wind farm portfolio of 224MW. In total, to date, we have obtained planning permission for 14 onshore wind farms and a solar PV array. When all of these 14 wind farms are built and operational they will provide over 424MW of renewable electricity generating capacity across Scotland and the north of England.

• The 14 wind farms that Banks Renewables have gained planning permission for, and a route to market for, are: i) Armistead; ii) Hazlehead; iii) Heysham South; iv) Hook Moor; v) Kype Muir; vi) Kype Muir Extension; vii) Lambs Hill; viii) Lethans; ix) Marr; x) Middle Muir; xi) Moor House; xii) Penny Hill; xiii) Quixwood Moor and xiv) West Durham. For more information about each of these projects see the Banks Renewables projects page: https://www.banksgroup.co.uk/projects/list/

• Banks Renewables is a member of the trade bodies RenewableUK (www.renewableuk.com) and Scottish Renewables (www.scottishrenewables.com).

• Banks Renewables is also a member of British Wind – the partnership of independent energy generators and suppliers

• Connect2Renewables is an initiative between the local communities, Banks Renewables and local authorities which seeks to maximise the social and economic benefit of the development to the local area. For more information about Connect2Rewables including a downloadable copy of the Charter and videos shot at the launch in November 2014 please go to: http://www.banksgroup.co.uk/banks-group/banks-renewables/connect2renewables/

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