Lethans Extension

We have taken your feedback from our community consultation events and used it to refine our initial design.

We have created a plan that optimises the efficiency of the site and designed a proposal that meets the needs for efficiently generating renewable energy and brings social, economic and environmental benefits to your local area and Scotland. We have also developed a variation to the consented Lethans project to make it more efficient. Find out more.

How your feedback has shaped our proposal

Minimising the total number of turbines is important to the community…
So we are now proposing only 10 turbines.

The view and horizon is important to the community…
So we have positioned the turbines to preserve the sight lines. Find out more about visual considerations.

The local ecology is important to the community…
So we have undertaken a detailed environmental impact assessment and acted on its findings. Find about more about environmental considerations.

The local community want a meaningful legacy from the project…
So we have furthered our partnership with the Community Councils to support their community development plans. Find out more about how we work with the community and how the project will deliver benefits locally and nationally.

Explore our proposed high level plan

The scale of the local landscape lends itself well to the project. We have placed the reduced number of turbines with consideration of the horizon and terrain. We have worked hard to protect the viewpoints that have been highlighted as being important to the community. Click the elements to see the view from each view point and the detailed site plan.

Explore our proposed site plan

A great deal of care has been taken with our proposed site layout. We have worked hard to take the local ecology into account with both the turbine placement and the creation of site infrastructure.

Click the elements to see how we have taken into account each element.

Hydrology Ecology & Ornithology Peat Topography and Landscape Turbines


The Lethans Extension site features a number of watercourses. The turbines, access tracks and supporting infrastructure have been carefully position to stand off the watercourses with an appropriate buffer. Watercourse crossings have been located sensitively to minimise disturbance to habitats.

Ecology & Ornithology

Surveys have been carried out over a number of years for both the original Lethans site and Extension.  Detailed assessment work will support the planning application including modelling of potential collision risk to birds. The site design and construction methods will seek to minimise ecological impacts as much as possible.


This area of Scotland has some areas of deep peat. Peat is a valuable carbon store, helping to keep carbon out of the atmosphere which is important for climate change.  We have carried out surveys to understand the extent and depth of peat across the site, and this information has informed the site design to minimise peat disturbance as much as possible.

Topography and Landscape

The Lethans Extension site is located in an undulating, upland landscape which does not fall within any nationally or locally designated landscape areas. The landscape is considered suitable to accommodate wind farms, and the turbines have been carefully position with consideration for views from important receptors and interaction with the consented Lethans Wind Farm.


Turbine technology and efficiency is advancing rapidly and we expect each turbine installed at Lethans Extension to be able to generate up to 6MW.  This is enough to power thousands of homes.

What is happening next?

Throughout the life of the Lethans Extension Wind Farm project we want to work together with your local community to ensure that you are kept informed about what we are doing and you have plenty of opportunities to provide feedback to us.

We are currently in the design proposal community consultation phase of the project and talking to local people before we submit a planning application and are eager to listen to your views. find out more about how we plan a project like this.

Positive environmental impact of the of the Lethans Extension

Positive social impact of the of the Lethans Extension

Positive economic impact of the of the Lethans Extension

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