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Environmental considerations

Environmental factors for the Lethans Extension project

The project team start thinking about how a project interacts with its environment at the very start of initial design. The Environmental Impact Assessment is a key part of the planning application as well as guiding the design process. Listen to Rachel, our Principal Development Planner, talk about how environmental factors are explored and factored into our planning process, as well as some of the specific environmental elements of the Lethans Extension project including how we are utilising the existing Lethans infrastructure where possible, to make this proposal even more appealing from a sustainability perspective.

How will we manage the trees on site?+


The proposed windfarm is located in an extensive area of commercial forestry. To minimise the amount of forestry being felled we are looking to keyhole the turbines into the forestry, which means that we will only remove the trees around the turbines and the infrastructure, leaving the reminder of the forest intact.


How will we manage the wildlife in the area?+


We have commissioned external experts and analysed over two years of data to help us understand the local wildlife. We have taken this information into account when developing our proposal.


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