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Lethans variation

Lethans consented wind farm – A variation to increase the efficiency

Changes to the specifications of the turbines

Separate to the planning application for Lethans Extension, we are also planning to make some minor amendments to the details of the consented Lethans Wind Farm. We are proposing to reduce the height of the turbine towers across the site by approximately four metres, which will enable longer turbine blades to be installed without increasing the overall tip heights of the turbines. This will allow the use of more efficient turbines, potentially increasing the amount of renewable energy that can be generated.

Total height to tip – same​

Hub heights – reduced ​

Blade Length – increased by 4m​

We are able to take advantage of new technology as it evolves over time, moving nearer to the point the consented wind farm is to be built.​

The purpose of this variation is to deploy this technology to increase the efficiency of the turbines, which should result in a higher yield.​

At this stage we don’t know if this will increase the total output of the site, but it allows for this to happen at a future date if feasible.

Lethans Extension Support

Do you support our variation to the Lethans consented wind farm to increase efficiency without increasing the overall turbine height?

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