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Banks Transport

Banks Transport operates a fleet of 13 articulated HGV tipper wagons to efficiently and safely deliver a range of materials to our customers.

All of our drivers have received specialised training to ensure that they’re driving our vehicles in the most fuel-efficient manner possible and with a high regard for road safety and other road users. We have achieved a 20% improvement on fuel efficiency in recent years and have a commitment to delivering with care.


Using tech for fleet efficiency

Banks Transport’s entire fleet of HGVs uses Dynafleet technology, which reports on our drivers’ journeys and allows us to optimise our routes, emissions and fuel consumptions.

Safety features

Safety is at the core of Banks Transport. Our fleet has a range of safety features, including automatic emergency brakes, audio-visual alarms to alert our drivers if they stray into different lanes and side-fitted cameras for full visibility.

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