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Scheme Details

Local Planning Authority: South Lanarkshire Council
Postcode of nearby property: ML10 6FA
Number of turbines: 15
Proposed Tip height: Four turbines will have a maximum height of 156m blade tip; three turbines will have a maximum height of 176m blade tip; eight turbines will have a maximum height of 200m.

Potential electricity generation capacity: c67.2MW in total
Lifetime of wind farm: 30 years

The overall scheme details all necessary infrastructure including haulage roads, construction compound, crane pads, permanent met mast , borrow pits, control building and substation.

The site has been designed with the primary aim of minimising any impact on the surrounding area when viewed in context of consented development. To this end turbines have been placed largely to the south of the consented Kype Muir development minimising views from the communities to the north.

Current Position
An application and accompanying Environmental Statement, which is due for submission  to the Scottish Governments Energy Consents and Deployment Unit in the early autumn, is currently being produced for the proposed development

Why Kype Muir Extension?

  • The site has a suitable wind resource. On-site wind monitoring over the past three years has confirmed this
  • The site is not subject to any landscape, ecology or cultural heritage designations
  • The site has suitable access from the local road network
  • The site is located over 2km from the closes settlement
  • The site is an adequate distance from residential properties to protect residents from unacceptable noise and shadow flicker effects

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