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Construction timeline and activity

The construction timeline for Kype Muir Extension has experienced some delays to the original programme detailed above and we now expect the commissioning date to be Autumn 2023.

During the construction period there will be a varying amount of traffic movements. Our plans for abnormal loads and managing the increased volume of visits during the construction have been shared with the local authorities to produce the Traffic Management Plan.

Our updated program anticipates that the average daily movements to be in line with the original estimates, and that its peak should sit between 80-120 on average.

Turbine Delivery Route

Route takes Kings Inch Drive, M8, M74 and finally the B743 from where the vehicles will access the windfarm.

Temporary Footpath Closure

During the construction process, and for the safety of the local community, one of the core paths in the area will be closed. We will place communication for the local community at the entrance to the path, notify local community councils, the local newspaper, and local websites relevant to the monument and footpaths. We will also permanently upgrade a section of the path which will form part of the access tracks for the site which the public will be free to use once the construction has ended.

Alternative routes to the monument will be shown at the site.

The community manager for this project will be Robin Winstanley.

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