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Banks Property has over 30 years’ experience developing land in the north of England and Scotland, to provide high quality, much-needed homes for people in the places that they want to live. As part of our development with care approach, we prioritise working with communities and key community leaders, from a very early stage, to ensure our projects deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits in the areas that we work.

Our in-house property team has secured planning permission for around 10,000 homes and continues to contribute to meeting the increasing housing need in the UK. Please see our property project page for more details on individual projects.


• Banks Property prides itself on extensive and early discussions and relationships with key local stakeholders and communities – this is at the heart of our development with care approach

• Banks Property knows and understand trust needs to be earned by making and delivering on promises – through our development with care approach

• Banks Property uses plain language and not jargon. It seeks to cut through complexity and instead explains, illustrates and guides landowners – again this is part of our development with care approach

• Banks Property builds in flexibility from the outset as things change

• Banks Property targets big, often complex sites in key growth locations

• Banks Property invests in the land for long-dated returns

• Banks Property love to work with like-minded partners over the long term

• Banks Property recognises every site demands a bespoke approach

• Banks Property takes the long view – it maintains site finding and delivery throughout economic cycles

• Banks Property understands that investment needs to be aligned with a commitment to quality, delivering jobs & skills, building community and leaving behind a positive economic, social and environmental legacy

• Banks Property de-risks issues for the landowner at the earliest opportunity

• Banks Property assumes responsibility for delivery of infrastructure to maintain momentum

• Banks Property works at scale to create efficiency and maximise wider benefits

• Banks Property establishes multiple points of sale to enhance absorption

• Banks Property establishes a quality benchmark from the start

• Banks Property uses planning, contracts and the example of self-delivery to maintain standards

• Banks Property ensures all the project team is focused on the details and really cares about the outcome – this is central to our development with care approach

• Banks Property believes that you don’t necessarily have to spend more money on projects to make them better, you often need to spend money smarter

• Banks Property keeps control of sites by not selling off large parcels

• Banks Property packages land on a consistent basis across phases and sites

• Banks Property creates a level playing field for all sizes and types of housebuilder to compete on

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