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The housing crisis: The need for more homes in the UK

• The Government estimates that at least 266,000 houses per year need to be built in the UK to meet the underlying growth of demand, see: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/local-housing-need, September 2017

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) analysis of the national Census 2011 re housing demand and need, 2011 to 2031, suggests that “that some 240,000-245,000 additional homes will be required each year to meet newly arising demand and need”, para 6, page 3, and that “all regions require significant additional housing”, para 9, page 3, see: https://www.cchpr.landecon.cam.ac.uk/Downloads/HousingDemandNeed_TCPA2013.pdf, September 2013

What we do: Pull it altogether

• Banks Property develop and reclaim land (when required) for commercial and residential property development

• Banks Property has one of the UK’s most successful land development teams

• We are committed to creating sustainable communities where people want to live and work

• We develop sites ranging in size from a few acres to sites exceeding 300 acres

• We currently have planning permission to build around 5,000 new homes

Registered office: Inkerman House, St John's Road, Meadowfield, Durham, DH7 8XL

Registered in England number 2267400. VAT registration number 569 3236 14

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