“Banks is an excellent company to work with. Their approach to development, community engagement and sustainability of the local area is very much aligned with ours.”

Lorcan Hayes, RJ McLeod.

As we move into the final stages of constructing 15 additional turbines at Kype Muir Wind Farm Extension, we spoke to Lorcan Hayes from RJ McLeod, the principal contractor at the South Lanarkshire site. 

RJ McLeod has been on-site at Kype Muir since day one. RJ’s is the balance of plant contractor for the site which means it’s their responsibility to deliver all necessary civil engineering, electrical framework and site infrastructure works safely, to the right standards and on time.   

Lorcan Hayes, site agent for RJ McLeod gives an insight into how Banks Renewables work with RJ McLeod to successfully construct an onshore wind project such as Kype Muir and Kype Extension. 

“We’ve worked closely with Banks from the start of the Kype Muir project back in 2016. RJ McLeod originally won the enabling packing for the site, which meant we were responsible for the delivery of 800m of surface road and widening the road at the start of the project which is essential to allow the safe delivery of vehicles and turbine components to and from the site. Following that we were awarded the contract for Kype Muir Wind Farm itself which included overseeing the installation of 26 turbines.  

From arriving on-site to the point of handover we oversee all civil and electrical works right up to the point of energisation. We then spent a couple of years assisting with the necessary maintenance and ongoing site safety and running of the site. We’re delighted that we have been able to come back and do the same at Kype Extension. 

Lorcan on working with Banks Renewables

“We have an excellent relationship with the Banks team both on the ground and in the planning process. Together we take a proactive approach with regard to assessing all the different facets of construction right through to operation.   

Banks is an excellent company to work with. Their approach to development, community engagement and sustainability of the local area is very much aligned with ours at RJ McLeod. They listen to and understand the needs of the local community, to ensure that the views of local people are taken into consideration throughout the construction process and that developments continue to deliver benefits locally for the lifetime of their operations.  

This means that we work together with Banks not only to do the job, but to create successful projects and at the same time – to promote good relationships with people in the local area, which means that it’s not just about the delivery of the project but about the legacy it leaves behind.  

Highlights of the Kype Muir for me would be delivering the project to the clients successfully. When we return to a site once it’s been delivered and we can see the site generating renewable electricity, as well as the environmental improvements on a site, the birds and the deer for example, to see first hand the positive impact of a project that we’ve been part of such as Kype Muir Wind Farm gives me a great sense of pride.”