West Durham

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  • Site Status Operational
  • Number of Turbines 12
  • Tip Height 100 m
  • Electricity Generation Capacity 2 MW each, total 24MW

Benefits of Scheme

Production of an indigenous energy supply, contributing to the supply of energy for the UK.

Generated employment during the design and planning stages of the wind farm. We contracted over 60 different companies during this process.

Created employment opportunities during the manufacturing and construction period of the project. Hanson Contracting and Agrilek employ around 50 people for wind farm construction and have a combined annual turnover of £20 million

Supports farm diversification and more ecologically and environmentally friendly agricultural practices in a marginal agricultural area.

A community benefits fund of £24,000 per year ring fenced for spending in the communities closest to the development

Habitat and landscape improvements including new public access and planting to increase the biodiversity of the area

Contact Details

  • Name: This wind farm is now operated by ESBI, please contact them on 00353 1703 8000