Penny Hill Solar

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Penny Hill Solar Farm

Banks Renewables is the company behind the Penny Hill Wind Farm and we’re passionate about creating green energy and believe a solar farm on land next to the wind farm will generate even more green electricity and deliver more benefits for your community.



Further Information

  • Ecology



    Solar farms offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance biodiversity and help address the decline in UK farmland species. Once installed solar farms a...

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  • Biodiversity enhancement

    Biodiversity enhancement


    The area under the solar panels will be seeded with a wildflower meadow mix benefiting insects and birds. Wildlife margins have also been included ...

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  • Benefiting your community

    Benefiting your community


    Penny Hill Wind Farm has already delivered over £40,000 to community projects in and around your local area.

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  • FAQs



    Frequently Asked Questions

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