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Connect2Renewables is an initiative between the local communities, Banks and South Lanarkshire Council which seeks to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefit of the development to the local area. This will be achieved through:

  • A commitment from Banks to deliver as high as percentage as possible of the contracted construction value to companies local to the site
  • A commitment to localise any economic activity throughout the lifecycle of the development
  • The community partnering proposal set out above, and it is proposed for the first five years of operation a minimum of £2,500 per MW per year will be placed into an“employability scheme”
  • This scheme will focus on helping local people gain apprenticeships and workplace learning placements with the aim of improving their employment credentials
  • This will be administered by South Lanarkshire Council for the benefit of the communities of Strathaven, Stonehouse, Lesmahagow and Sandford and Upper Avondale
  • These exact details of the scheme are currently being discussed with the Kype Muir Community Partnership

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    Our Strategies

    Connect2Renewables strategies are:

    We shall deliver on these commitments by:

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