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Eggborough West

Creating new, quality homes, a new school with nursery facilities and accessible public open space

Welcome to the website for Eggborough West. Here we will share our plans to develop land to build up to 1500 new homes, develop land for a new primary school with nursery, provision for assisted living units and a local shop on the land west of Kellington Lane.

Our proposals hope to bring forward a high quality, well-connected and sustainable extension to Eggborough; creating a place everyone can live, work and enjoy. It also offers the opportunity to deliver new and significant benefits for the local community, economy and environment.

Our planning application to develop land to build up to 1500 new homes was validated by North Yorkshire Council in October 2023. The reference is ZG2023/1037/EIA and you can register your support on the North Yorkshire Council planning portal here.

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Listening to the local community

As part of our extensive community consultation process, which we call development with care,  we have distributed over 2,500 leaflets directly to the communities living close to our proposed development in Eggborough, Kellington, Hensall, Whitley and Great Heck to inform people living locally about our proposals, to listen and understand their views so that we can take feedback into consideration as we progress our planning application.

A great opportunity to do this was at our community surgery events, which gave local people the opportunity to find out more about our proposals. People we’re given the opportunity to meet and speak with the team directly, share their views and suggest ideas that could be delivered as part of the project.

We are always willing to listen and answer any questions you might have. If you do have any questions please get in touch and a member of the project team will get back to you asap eggborough@banksgroup.co.uk.

Team talk: our project team explain our plans for Eggborough West

We caught up with members of the Eggborough West project team to find out more about our proposals and our approach to working with the local community to maximise, where possible benefits for new and existing communities.

Our proposals

Our vision is to create an urban extension to Eggborough Village that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The objective is to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the new community through well-designed walking, cycling and exercise routes as well as play facilities.

Although the project is at an early stage, studies have started to allow us to understand the site better. These studies are looking at ecology, transport, archaeology, landscape and design that will enable us to prepare our planning application. Key aspects of the development so far include:

  • A local village centre
  • Primary school with nursery facility
  • Provision for a local shop
  • Supported living units
  • Potential for an energy centre using air source heat pumps which could provide a district heating system for the development

The masterplan proposes direct pedestrian links between the site and existing facilities in the village such as the village hall, pharmacy, existing shops and doctors surgery, Eggborough Westfield Grove playground and Eggborough Selby Road playground.

Why Eggborough West

  • There is a national and local shortage of housing. New housing sites are needed to provide new homes in the local area.
  • The site is allocated for mixed use development comprising housing, open space and education in the emerging Selby Local Plan (see graphic).
  • A unique opportunity for a high quality well connected and sustainable extension to Eggborough.
  • The site is in a sustainable location with local amenities within walking distances and good cycling and pedestrian links.
  • Potential to divert bus routes through the site, enhance frequency of and to upgrade Whitley Bridge train station.
  • The inclusion of a local centre with community and local shopping facilities.
  • Alignment of strategic housing growth with existing employment allocations at former Eggborough Power Station and Kellingley Colliery – circa 6,000 new jobs

Key project benefits

The Eggborough West project would bring a wide range of social, environmental and economic benefits to new and existing communities including:

Up to

High quality, sustainable homes to meet local needs



Added into the local economy on gross added value (approx)

Up to

Full time jobs created during the construction phase



Extra spend in the local economy per annum on completion

£ 2.5


Additional council tax per annum for the local authority

Affordable housing

Delivery of affordable and key worker housing


New primary school with attractive walking routes for existing and new residents

Green space

New community green space at the heart of the development

Sustainable travel

Potential to enhance frequency of and divert bus services through the site and upgrade Whitley Bridge Train Station

Renewable energy

Opportunities for incorporation of the renewable energy both on and off site

Sustainable homes

Sustainable new homes, compliant with latest government standards as a minimum

New habitat creation

Creation of new and improvement of existing wildlife habitats


Short walking and cycling distances to schools, services and employment

Open space

Substantial areas of public open space throughout the site

Electric charging

Electric car charging points across the site

Sustainable travel

Cycle parking and car club to be provided on site

Famliy of four walking outside a house
property line drawing

Benefitting the community of Eggborough

We believe that the communities that host our projects should share in the benefits. The Eggborough West development would bring a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits. We’d love to hear from you on what these benefits could be.

Contact the team  eggborough@banksgroup.co.uk, leave your thoughts using our feedback form and sign up for project updates here.

Eggborough West potential project timeline

Promotion through Selby Local Plan

2020 – 2022

Project launch

January 2023

Planning application submitted

Spring/summer 2023

Local plan adoption


Planning decision

Early 2025

Potential start of construction

Late 2025

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