Plans for the second phase of a major residential development in Killingworth have been submitted to North Tyneside Council for review.

Over the last six years, Banks Property has been working on plans for the development of the Killingworth Moor site, which is located on the south eastern fringe of Killingworth, and which was allocated in the 2017 North Tyneside Local Plan Consultation as a key strategic site for meeting the borough’s need for housing land.

The County Durham-headquartered firm recently secured planning permission for the first phase of the project, which will see 539 homes being built by Bellway Homes on a 38-hectare area.

And now, Banks Property has brought forward its plans for the scheme’s second phase, which is located to the north of the phase one site and which would see up to 455 new homes of a range of different types being built on a 30-hectare area.

The next phase of the project would support an average of around 117 full time jobs per year over its expected seven-year construction period, as well as a further 167 indirect jobs.

A wide range of contract opportunities would also be made available to locally-based suppliers for all aspects of the development.

Phase two would also include 12.5 hectares of public open space, a play park and improved footpath and cycle routes, while an electric vehicle charging point would be installed at every property and biodiversity enhancements would be delivered through a detailed environmental strategy.

Over 3,200 leaflets have already been delivered to homes across the area to ensure residents have access to detailed information about the project’s second phase, while comments on the proposals can be submitted to the project team through Banks’ website.

Banks Property is the property development arm of the family-owned Banks Group and was the original developer of the nearby Forest Gate scheme and its subsequent extension.

The phase two planning application is expected to come before North Tyneside Council’s planning committee later this year, with work expected to start on site by early 2026 if it is approved.

Jamilah Hassan, community relations manager at the Banks Group, says: “The Killingworth Moor development will help to address the growing need to increase the supply of homes in North Tyneside, so that people are able to stay in or move to the area, and we’re excited to now be bringing our plans for phase two of the project forward.

“The mix of different housing types will make this development accessible to families of all ages, and the supporting infrastructure that will be delivered across Killingworth Moor will help to create the type of vibrant community that we’ve always planned for this site.

“Having worked in this area for more than 20 years, it’s a place that Banks Property knows very well, and we strongly believe that the high-quality development we’re looking to create will be a real asset to it.”

For further information on phase two of the Killingworth Moor development and to register support for it, please visit

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