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Banks Mining develops, operates and restores surface mineral sites in a modern, safe, responsible and efficient way in the UK to the highest possible standards. Banks Mining has been mining minerals in the UK since 1976.

Investing in the North East and Scotland

During their life our Shotton and Brenkley Lane mines will have contributed £0.5bn to the UK balance of payments and provide £0.4bn into the north east economy. In the last four years Banks Mining has:

  • Paid £13.54m to HM Treasury in corporation tax
  • Paid £3.26m in business rates
  • Paid out £24.85m in site based workers’ wages
  • Spent £215m in the local supply chain


Banks Mining has restored 111 surface mines

The business has a proud record of fully restoring every surface mine they have ever worked.

It is our aim to be the UK’s most successful surface mining company in terms of our ability to develop new projects and our operating standards.

We are deeply committed to our development with care approach and operate and restore all our sites in close consultation with the local community. As a company we are committed to extracting minerals in the most sustainable way possible, helping to ensure that the UK has sufficient to meet our infrastructure needs.

Awards and accreditation

Banks Mining has been awarded PRIME (Professional Recognition In Mineral Extraction) certification by the Institute of Quarrying in recognition of the comprehensive provisions it makes for staff training, leadership and engagement.

For more information about PRIME please see our Links page

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