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Why Bebside?+

  • The site provides a unique opportunity to deliver housing and employment close to Bebside Railway Station which is identified as having the potential for future development in a North of Tyne Combined Authority Report


  • The proposals also support economic proposals in the local area including Northumberland Energy Park (phase 3).


  • The development will also remediate the site, removing waste left from the old coal mine workings

This huge development would have an unacceptable impact on local roads, including greater pressure from traffic on the A189 at Asda roundabout and tail backs on the slip roads there. How can you think this will benefit the local community?+

A Transport Assessment has been undertaken looking at the traffic impact of the development. Whilst there will be additional traffic on the road the highway network still operates effectively

You are proposing to build retail units! There is currently no space to park in the area set aside for this? This would therefore mean people would have to park outside the vicinity and in our streets! What are you going to do to combat this?+

The proposed masterplan includes parking for the retail units. When specific details come forward as part of the reserved matters planning application, parking will be provided in accordance with Northumberland County Councils requirements.

A manufacturing factory built beside our houses is our biggest issue! Why create more factories here, when there is a perfectly good industrial estate round the corner?+

This site can provide a bespoke development to support a local business that wishes to expand its current operations. Whilst the proposals may seem intrusive the site will be developed sensitively with lots of screening and a well designed building. Modern advances in technology mean that the majority of  Advanced manufacturing facilities are not noisy or disruptive. Planning conditions can be applied to ensure that all operations have minimum impact on local amenity and can dictate, for example, working hours, times for delivery and limits on noise.

The proposed development site is near a woodland that is a really important buffer for wildlife. What work have you done to ensure that the animals living there wont be affected?+

Part of the work we have been doing to ensure the Local Planning Authority have the most up to date information in order to assess the application was updating all ecological surveys. We have undertaken numerous site surveys and assessments to ensure the impact of the proposals is understood and mitigated. This has included and Ecological Impact Assessment, a Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment, Arboricultural Assessment, Noise Assessment and Air Quality Assessment.

There are currently thousands of homes currently standing empty in Northumberland. Why don’t you just enhance those already there?+

The Council are working with private landlords and their own Council stock to make sure as many empty homes as possible are being brough back into you. Even so, more new homes are needed to provide enough homes for the growing population. As people are living longer and family dynamics change a fresh mix of family homes are needed to support future generations

What will the housing mix be in Phase 2?+

Our Phase 2 application is currently only outline and therefore further detail will follow once planning permission is received for the current outline application. Whilst we have an idea of housing mix this could change depending on market demand and which housebuilder builds out the site. This will be agreed with the council during the reserved matters planning application stage.

What will the housing mix be on this development? Will there be bungalows available?+

This is an outline planning application for x new homes. Whilst we have an indicative housing mix this could change depending on which housebuilder builds out the site and what the demand is at the time of submitting the Reserved Matters application.

Has this particular site been allocated in the Local Plan?+

No, this site has not been allocated in the Local Plan. However the area around Bebside Railway Station is identified as having the potential for future development in a North of Tyne Combined Authority Report and there is a unique opportunity to deliver housing and employment close to Bebside Railway Station.

Will there be an option for shared ownership?+

The Council will advise what type of Affordable Housing is required whether that be shared ownership, rent to buy, discounted market (First Homes) or affordable rent. This will be secured as part of any planning permission and detailed in that permission.

What new habitats will be created as part of this development?+

We are committed to providing a 10% increase in biodiversity net gain. This means that for all the habitats lost we will improve habitats in the surrounding area by the amount lost + 10%. We will work with the Council’s Ecology Officer to ensure these proposals are acceptable.

The Bebside proposal will affect waiting times at GPs and dentists. What are you doing to help with this?+

The impact of the development will be assessed by the Planning Authority and a financial contribution will be sought if required to improve capacity at the local GP practices and schools etc to accommodate the residents from the new development.

Can the local community benefit from the Banks Community Fund?+

Yes! We have a small grassroots community fund currently available for local community groups and organisations within the Blyth area, with priority given to those closest to our Bebside development. Grants of up to £1,000 can be applied for and we would welcome your applications or recommendations for worthy projects that could benefit from this funding. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible.

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