Wind turbines and the environment

How do Banks control noise from onshore wind turbines?

Noise emissions from the construction and operation of our wind farms are controlled

All our wind farms are carefully designed to comply with noise limits set by the local planning authority to protect the amenity of local residents. The noise emissions from an onshore wind farm are thoroughly regulated through the UK planning system which sets noise limits in line with the Government’s ETSU-R-97 guidelines

How do Banks protect local and migratory bird populations?


When we apply to build a new wind farm we  carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment employing expert independent ecological consultants to carry out several years of surveying of sensitive bird populations and migratory species using the area.  Our wind farm planning applications include a Habitat Management Plan which details how we will create new wildlife habitats in the area to improve the local biodiversity and provide even better conditions for wildlife.


How do Banks prevent shadow flicker affecting the occupants of nearby homes?

Turbines can be programmed to prevent shadow flicker

Shadow flicker can be caused when the rotating blades of a wind turbine cast a shadow on an observer during certain alignments of the sun and the wind farm. As the blades rotate they may cause shadows on the ground or nearby dwellings to move too, giving rise to a flicker effect through windows and doors. As a result of advances in modern technology, wind turbines can now be fitted with computer controlled devices that prevent shadow flicker from occurring. We can predict the conditions when shadow flicker is likely to occur which is usually only occurs on a few days per year during the time when the sun is low in the sky around sunrise or sunset.  Individual wind turbines can be shut down during these periods to prevent causing excess shadow flicker.

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