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Our Connect2Renewables initiative acts as a catalyst for local employment. It runs alongside the project from construction to operation. At its heart it is about making sure the local community get the maximum benefit from our projects.

In the construction phase it is our commitment to placing as many contracts locally as possible and in the operations phase is ensures we target the community benefits fund towards improving the employability of the local community.

We are excited to bring the Connect2Renewables initiative to our Mill Rig project.

What does Connect2Renewables mean to Mill Rig:

  • A commitment from Banks to deliver as high as percentage as possible of the contracted construction value to companies local to the site
  • A commitment to localise any economic activity throughout the lifecycle of the development
  • The community partnering proposal will include a jobs and training scheme to help local people back into employment
  • This scheme will focus on helping local people gain apprenticeships and workplace learning placements with the aim of improving their employment credentials
  • This will be administered by the local council for the benefit of the communities near the project


We have been operating the initiative alongside our Kype Muir and Middlemuir windfarms since 2018 where it has already resulted in over 16 million pounds spent with local companies and supported over 300 local people improve their employability.

How Connect2Renewables has helped in the past:

Training: Helped individuals to be job-ready and provide training and skills to meet the needs of employers in the area.

Further Education: The fund provides the balance of College and University Fees if there is a shortfall of SAAS funding.  All new College or University entrants are given a £300 bursary to assist with initial College expenses such as travel, electronic devices and set up costs.

Employment incentive: wage subsidy is offered to employers who provide a job opportunity to local unemployed residents.

Access: transport barriers to work or further education and can also assist with the provision of PPE and interview clothing.

For more general information around the initiative please have a look at our Connect2Renewables hub or the South Lanarkshire council website.

If you would like to know more about how you and your community can benefit from Connect2Renewables please feel free to contact:

Wilma Weir
Vocational Development Officer

Robin Winstanley
Sustainability And External Affairs Manager
Banks Group

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