Designing Lethans Extension

When we develop a proposal we are always looking at how we can deliver the lowest cost green electricity in a sustainable way. Listen to Alan, our senior project manager, talking about what makes a ‘good’ design and what we do to take the design though to an operational project.

Alan talks about some of the most interesting elements of the Lethans Extension and why the project team are so excited to be working on it. He also explains why larger turbines are more effective and how they improve the performance of a project.

Why do we need large turbines?

The higher efficiency the turbine the more energy is generated, delivering lower household bills and larger benefits to the local community.

Tall turbines are able to capture less inhibited wind flows and higher wind speeds meaning the turbines can reach maximum output more often.  It also allows for a larger rotor diameter giving a larger power capture area again increasing the energy production.

With both of these combined it enables us to construct larger more powerful machines – which, on this site, allows us to reduce the number of turbines. This leads to a lower cost of energy to build and greater impact to the local economy.

How will we get the turbines to site? 

The turbine routes are still under review but expected to be delivered from King George V dock in Glasgow. From this location, the turbines are expected to travel down the M77 and then to the A76 through New Cumnock and arriving at the site through the consented Lethans WF route. The delivery of these turbines will be assessed and designed by an expert transport consultant to find the most efficient and safest route through any constrictive areas.

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