Banks Renewables is renowned for developing partnership schemes that provide communities near our developments with a meaningful share in their local wind farm. These are always specifically tailored to local issues, as identified by local people, this will implemented with Knockendurrick Wind Farm and its communities.

Banks Renewables are proud of the partnerships we are able to offer your community during and after the development of Knockendurrick Wind Farm. These partnerships:
• Give the community an active role in the development of the project
• Enable the community to share directly in the project through a stake in the gross revenue generated
• Provide an opportunity for the community to take up ownership of Knockendurrick Wind Farm
• Commit Banks Renewables to using local firms in the construction of Knockendurrick Wind Farm
• Provide meaningful long term employment opportunities for local people

Community Engagement
• As part of the Banks Renewables development with care policy we have already had the following liaison with communities:
• A series of introductory meetings have taken place with the six community councils in the area surrounding the proposed wind farm
• Three exhibitions have been held in Twynholm, Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse of Fleet during March 2013 to allow members of the public to review the current proposals and to consider the proposed community partnership
• Numerous meetings have been held with local organisations and individuals to discuss the proposed wind farm and the community partnership

Feedback from exhibitions
• We were delighted that over 100 people took the time to attend the public exhibitions we held for Knockendurrick in March 2015. The feedback received from these events will help us design the site in the coming months
• A majority of the public feedback confirmed support for the community partnership proposal as outlined at these events. In the coming months we hope to take this forward through discussions with the local community councils

There are a number of reasons why we think that Knockendurrick is an excellent site for a wind farm:
• Our initial assessments have concluded that the site has an excellent wind resource
• Due to the contours of the surrounding area the wind farm has limited visibility from the surrounding settlements
• The proposed area of turbine development is over 3 km from the nearest village
• The site does not lie in any special protected areas for landscaping, nature conservation or any archaeological or historic designations
• Excellent access is provided to the site via the A75 trunk road and a short section of side road
• Scope to help your local community deliver its long term aspirations through a unique partnership approach
• Development is already supporting local employers, such as the Castle Douglas based Natural Power
• With a commitment to use local businesses we will support existing jobs and create new job opportunities in area
• The proposal could support in the area targeted training and apprenticeship scheme, to help get local people into employment

Design Considerations
The following will be taken into consideration as the design for the site is developed:
• Landscape and visual appearance – the appearance of the wind farm will be assessed from representative viewpoints
• Noise – A wind mast was erected on 12 April 2013 to record wind speeds this data will be used to ensure that the designed noise levels are within acceptable limits at surrounding homes as determined by Dumfries and Galloway Council
• Ecology and Ornithology – wildlife and bird studies are underway and the design will take into account the findings by seeking to avoid sensitive habitats
• Shadow Flicker – initial views are that shadow flicker is not anticipated to be an issue due to the distance to the closest properties and local topography, however turbines can be programmed to ensure that shadow flicker will not occur
• Items of archaeological interest and cultural heritage – there are no listed buildings or scheduled ancient monuments within the boundary of the site but, as a safeguard, Banks Renewables has appointed an archaeologist as a member of the design team
• Surface and groundwater – the design will take account of existing water courses and adequate controls will be in place for construction
• Television signals and telecommunication links – if television reception is found to be affected as a result of the wind farm mitigation measures will be put in place
• Aviation – the potential impact on the working of civil and military radar will be analysed
• Traffic – there will be a short term increase in traffic levels during construction phases. This will be assessed and controlled in agreement with Dumfries and Galloway Council
• We will consider all technical and environmental aspects as well as feedback from local people and other parties to develop an appropriately designed wind farm for Knockendurrick

Knockendurrick Site Plan

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