Bodinglee Wind Farm

What is this project?

We are in the very early days of exploring an exciting project in South Lanarkshire which will be a big opportunity for Scotland to contribute to its net zero climate change target and a huge opportunity to improve the wellbeing and resilience in the area.

We know that these projects can be disruptive and that is why we want to look at this project differently.

Our current proposal includes:

Up to 40 turbines with maximum tip heights of up to 250m
Up to 264MW generation capacity
264MW is enough to power over 168,000 homes with green electricity*
This is enough electricity to power all the homes in a city bigger than Dundee
A 264MW wind farm can displace a huge amount of CO2 – 132,000 tonnes
This is the equivalent of taking over 51,000 cars off the road each year
Its life span will be up to 40 years
Its community fund could be as much as £40m

If we got consented it would be the third biggest onshore consented or operational wind farm in the UK.**

*Using Govt / BEIS approved methodology  **this does not include extensions

Project timeline

Working together with the community

We want to collaborate with the local community to design something that will have a meaningful, sustainable and positive impact on the region.

We want to include the local community in the process to ensure they have a voice in shaping the project right from the start.

Community Partnering

We want to partner with the local community to explore how this fund might create sustainable jobs, promote wellbeing and build resilience within the region.

Given the scale of the benefit fund – potentially up to £40Million, we want to view this as a big opportunity to meaningfully improve lives and the environment.

We want to hear from you on how we might do this.

We will begin an initial consultation process now, listening and learning from the people in the area.

In early 2021 we will begin some consultation events, from which we will begin to draw the important issues for the community.

Crucially, we also want to think with ambition and work creatively together with the community to see how renewable energy can meaningfully improve a region.

How can I get involved?

We really want to hear your views on the  proposal and encourage you to fill out the short survey below.

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Creating jobs
Improving community amenities
Education opportunities
Improving local pathways
Developing local tourism
Helping to tackle climate change through renewable energy

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Please also sign up for our email newsletter or alternatively write to our local office and we will keep you updated with project news and the outcome of our ongoing consultations.

Community benefits

Get in touch

We welcome your feedback

Whether you wish to tell us that we have done something really well or that we could have done something better we value your feedback.

It helps us to shape the way we operate and to continually improve our performance. It is very much part of our development with care approach.

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