Local authority: Newcastle City Council

Postcode of nearby property: NE15 9RD

Site status: Planning Application submitted on 28 February 2019.

Banks Mining and Ibstock Brick have submitted a joint application to Newcastle City Council to extract 800,000 tonnes of high quality, north east coal and 400,000 tonnes of fireclay for the brick making industry. We believe Dewley Hill provides an opportunity to mine a nationally significant amount of fireclay for house building and high quality coal for use as a raw material by industries such as steel works and cement manufacturing.

The site is located on agricultural land to the north of the A69’s Throckley junction and to the east of the B6326 Ponteland Road, less than half a mile from Ibstock’s Throckley Brickworks, which employs approximately 47 people.

Dewley Hill surface mine would operate for a limited period of three and a half years from the start of operations to the completion of restoration. The site has the potential to support up to 50 highly skilled, well-paid jobs, as well as to open up substantial new opportunities for local suppliers and extend our long-term record of investing in the communities in which we operate. The site will benefit from a £50,000 community fund for local organisations, as well as a £50,000 skills fund, which will support local unemployed people access funding to help them overcome barriers to work and training.

All our operations are specifically designed to bring a wide range of economic, employment, social and supply chain benefits to the communities in which they’re based and some of the benefits of Dewley Hill can be found in the graphic below. In terms of ecological and environmental benefits, the restoration plan includes the creation of 18ha of Carr woodland with about 26,000 trees and shrubs; 11km of conservation headlands and 17ha of species rich grassland; as well as the reinstatement and improvement of the historic waggon ways and 4km of additional footpath and bridleway.

Need for coal

The UK continues to require coal to meet a range of essential industrial, commercial and household needs, and it is undoubtedly in the national interest to continue to invest in skilled mining jobs in North East England instead of increasing our already substantial reliance on coal imports from overseas locations such as the US, Australia, Colombia and most especially Russia.

The minerals from Dewley Hill can be operated, restored and transported to their customers for less carbon dioxide emissions than just for the coal to be transported from Australia and Murmansk (Russia) to the UK.

Increasing imports of coal simply ‘off-shores’ our environmental responsibilities without the significant local economic and employment opportunities and environmental enhancements that Banks Mining projects like Dewley Hill will deliver. Imports would inevitably result in a global increase in greenhouse gas emissions, due to the carbon dioxide emissions generated by transportation.

If we do not produce our own coal in the UK we simply import more from countries such as Russia, the USA, Colombia and Australia which produces more CO2 via its transportation than coal produced in the UK.

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