Building Lethans Extension

Careful planning is key to successful construction. Our team plan every detail for the construction in advance. We consider the local community and site access. For the Lethans Extension project we have the advantage of not only the planning that was undertaken for the original Lethans project, but we can also utilise the Lethans project infrastructure where possible, to make this proposal even more appealing from a sustainability perspective.

Indicative project plan

What about the construction disruption?  Will there be access to the site during construction?

During construction we will look to minimise disruption to communities in the direct vicinity of the site and along the main access routes. We will do this by minimising deliveries during peak times and, where possible, limiting intrusive on-site activities during the hours of darkness.

With all of the above we will work closely with the local community to minimise any impact. Examples of feedback that are useful for us include school bus timings, normal pick up points and information about local events such as hot air balloon shows, or firework displays where footfall and on street parking will be busier than normal. Access to the site will be limited during construction based on safety considerations, but we will work closely with the local community to determine an access approach that takes their views into consideration.

  • Construction will take place between the hours of 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 1pm on Saturday.
  • No working will take place on Sunday or Bank Holidays.
  • If any work is proposed outside of these times, for example in the delivery of abnormal loads, the contractor will seek prior approval from East Ayrshire Council and local residents will be notified.

Ready to give feedback? Click here or explore more about the proposal- How we work with the communityVisual considerations, Environmental considerations, How we design a wind farm.

Proposed turbine route

How will you get the big turbines to the site?  I hope you will not damage my house in the process!  I live next to the main road near the site

The turbine routes are still under review but expected to be delivered from King George V Glasgow. From this location, the turbines are expected to travel down the M77 and then to the A76 through New Cumnock and arriving at the site through the consented Lethans WF route. The delivery of these turbines will be assessed and designed by an expert transport consultant to find the most efficient and safest route through any constrictive areas.

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