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Questions raised at the webinar - 23rd August 2021

Do you intend to build these properties yourselves?

Banks Property doesn’t currently build properties. The business secures land, prepares and submits a planning application to gain the principle of housing development and then we market the site to house builders, who then submit a detailed planning application and if successful, build the homes.

Will your application include a design and access statement, which provides evidence that the designs reflect the character of Barton?

A design and access statement will accompany the planning application submission, which will be accompanied by all necessary, relevant information. We would welcome any suggestions from residents in relation to design but the decision on the design of the scheme ultimately falls to the Council.

What is happening with the new Barton Relief Link road? How will it effect your development?

The Barton relief road has no impact on this site; both schemes are capable of being delivered independently. The Barton Relief road is not yet a formal policy in any draft Local Plan. Paragraph 14.45 and Policy T7p of the emerging Local Plan refers to a link road however this should be afforded minimal weighting due to the tentative nature of the policy wording and the lack of a detailed plan in association with the formal local plan process. Our Barton proposals could potentially provide land towards the future road.

What sizes are your properties going to be?

As this is an outline planning application, this level of detail isn’t known yet, but it is likely to include a range of sizes and types, including affordable housing and potentially bungalows.

How come this site has been allowed to be developed?

A planning application hasn’t yet been submitted, so this development hasn’t been permitted yet. We have submitted our pre application to North Lincolnshire Council; and we intend to submit an outline planning application in Autumn 2021. The local planning authority will then assess this application, which typically takes between 4 and 6 months; then the application will be determined by a planning committee comprising of elected council members.

Have you submitted a pre-application for this site?

Yes, we have already submitted our pre application to North Lincolnshire Council; and we intend to submit an outline planning application in Autumn 2021.

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