Why do we extract minerals in the UK?
We mine them because the UK still needs a range of industrial minerals to manufacture steel, cement, brick and other industries, and support the delivery of new infrastructure and housing. It creates a lot less CO2 if we extract minerals here in the UK rather than import them from overseas. #minelocal

• Lord Browne of Ladyton: “I have a bone to pick with the Government about whether it is unhelpfully misleading to describe our achievement of cutting emissions by 42% without going on, every time, to explain that they omit from the equation a substantial amount of carbon emissions that are clearly our responsibility. That aside, it is clear that the great majority of what we have achieved on any measure has been achieved by us stopping doing things. The major contributor to the percentage cut—whether 42% or, more truly, only 17%—is that we stopped doing things. Mainly we stopped generating electricity from coal and, almost as importantly, we stopped manufacturing and exported the responsibility for our growing consumption to the sovereign territory of others, which, of course, allows us not to count it and to celebrate our own success while criticising them…” Lords Hansard, 12/3/20, col 1164, https://hansard.parliament.uk/lords/2020-03-12/debates/C498C8A8-F9B2-4DA4-94AD-B31C9227D3B2/GreenEconomy

Surface mine development

The development of new surface mines is important to support many British industries. By mining our own minerals we:

  • Increase the security of supply of minerals by reducing reliance on imports/li>
  • Help keep consumer bills low
  • Create jobs in the UK
  • Help the balance of trade deficit
  • Provide valuable tax receipts and business rates to national and local government
  • Reduce the distance minerals have to travel, thereby saving carbon in transportation
  • Ensure it is mined in a safe manner to the highest environmental standards
  • Support local businesses who provide support services to surface mines
  • Keep money and skills within the UK

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