Air Quality

Safe, responsible and efficient

The air quality in and around our mineral workings is monitored very closely.  This monitoring, and the data it produces, allows us to continually assess operations to ensure they operate in an environmentally safe, responsible and efficient manner.  Our policy is to work in harmony with our neighbours and nearby communities and to implement site specific environmental management plans.

We have modified the machinery we use in order to control dust as much as possible.  We control dust at source by using water sprays attached to our machinery to minimise dust in the excavation area. Water tankers fitted with water cannons dampen down roads on our sites to minimise the creation of dust as machinery travels along the road. We also fit water sprays to the mineral processing machinery.

All laden wagons that leave the site have to pass through a wheel wash to clean the wheels and the underside of the vehicles.  All wagons are sheeted to prevent the minerals from leaving the vehicle.

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