The aim of our environmental policy is to support the continued development of these businesses whilst maintaining a high standard of environmental performance in line with The Banks Group’s development with care approach to its business.

We recognise that our activities may have the potential to make a significant change to both the environment and local communities, and that it is our responsibility to maximise environmental benefits and minimise any adverse impacts arising from these activities. This is applied group-wide to both projects and across all offices.  We produce environmental management plans for each of our projects detailing how significant environmental issues, such as noise, waste management and emissions to water or air are to be controlled.

We are committed to continuing the achievement of the following environmental policy objectives throughout the design, development and operation of our projects and the operation of our business:

  1. To assess the environmental performance of individual projects operated by The Banks Group through a programme of audits and monitoring
  2. To ensure continuous improvement of the environmental management system and maintain certification to the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 standard
  3. To ensure that Banks projects are designed, developed and operated incorporating measures to optimise benefits for the environment and the local community and to prevent adverse impacts associated with our activities
  4. To strive to achieve standards above those required by environmental legislation and to achieve the environmental and sustainable objectives and actions set down in each project’s environmental management plan
  5. To ensure that energy and natural resources are used efficiently, to minimise wastes for all projects and offices and to incorporate sustainable principles in the way we conduct our business
  6. To communicate the requirements of this policy and to make sure that additional copies of the policy and individual project environmental management plans are made available to all employees, any suppliers and contractors whose actions could have a significant environmental impact and to the public or any other interested parties that request such information

Please click on the following link to view The Banks Group Environmental Policy, October 2013.

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