Kype Muir wind farm now supplying clean, green electricity to grid

April 10, 2019 | Kype Muir News

Pictured above: Banks Renewables’ MD, Richard Dunkley (left) and Scottish Government Minister for energy, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, stand by the plaque at the opening ceremony on Wed 3/4/19

Hamilton based Banks Renewables’ second wind farm in South Lanarkshire, Kype Muir, is now fully operational. Kype Muir in South Lanarkshire started supplying up to 88.4MW of clean, green, electricity to the National Grid this spring and is now delivering a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits across South Lanarkshire.

Kype Muir has been developed and built in line with Banks Renewables’ Connect2Renewables initiative. Connect2Renewables is a partnership between the local community, Banks Renewables and South Lanarkshire Council that seeks to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefit of the wind farm to the local area.

As part of this initiative Banks Renewables used local companies, wherever possible, in both the development and construction stages of the wind farm. To date it is estimated that the initiative has delivered over £30m in economic benefit with over £100m to be delivered over the projects 25 year life span.

As part of this initiative and with Kype Muir now operational Banks Renewables is supporting the local community through annual contributions of £442,000 into a community fund flowing from the communities’ share of the wind farm’s revenues. The Kype Muir Community Fund will be administered in two parts, with a portion determined by the local Kype Muir Community Panel and the remainder distributed by South Lanarkshire’s Renewable Energy Fund. Half of the money will be ring fenced for the Connect2Renewables employability fund which will focus on increasing access for local people to employment opportunities.

Generation from the project is expected to be eligible for Contracts for Difference (CfD) payments from 28 March, subject to final checks by the Low Carbon Contracts Company.

Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands, who officially opened Kype Muir wind farm on Wednesday 3 April 2019 says: “The opening of Kype Muir wind farm is a welcome addition to Scotland’s renewables portfolio, and I am delighted that Banks Group have chosen to invest in South Lanarkshire despite uncertainty for the sector caused by UK-wide policy changes since 2015.

“Onshore wind continues to be the lowest cost form of energy at scale and remains vitally important to our decarbonisation ambitions. It has a key role to play in meeting our global climate change targets, adding 88MW to the operational capacity of onshore wind in Scotland which, at the start of 2019, was over 7.7 GW.”

Richard Dunkley, MD, Banks Renewables, says: “I’m delighted that Banks Renewables’ second wind farm in South Lanarkshire is now supplying clean, green electricity to the grid.

“Through Banks Renewables Connect2Renewables charter, we committed and delivered on prioritising local firms for the construction works of Kype Muir. This resulted in the use of RJ McLeod as main contractor, who in turn has prioritised the use of local sub-contractors.

“We look forward to working with the Scottish Government, and others, to ensure that onshore wind – the cheapest form of renewable energy – has a route to market in the coming years.”

Lorcan Hayes, site manager at Kype Muir for RJ McLeod, says: “We fully support Banks Renewables Connect2Renewables initiative, and this project demonstrates in practice their commitment to local companies.”

“As a Scottish based contractor, with 20 per cent of our employees from the Lanarkshire area, we are very pleased to have worked on this project.

Banks Renewables’ second wind farm in South Lanarkshire is now supplying clean, green electricity to the grid. Through [our] Connect2Renewables charter, we delivered on prioritising local firms for the construction works

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