Banks welcome local feedback on Birneyknowe wind farm

February 23, 2017 | Birneyknowe News

Banks’ Jeannie Kielty with the Hawick RFC team

The firm behind a proposed Borders wind farm is to host an event to discuss a flagship scheme that could have a transformative effect on local prosperity.

Introducing its Connect2Renewables initiative – that is set to contribute £3million in funding to support jobs, regeneration and sustainable growth in the local community – Banks Renewables will host the event as it awaits a decision on its Birneyknowe Wind Farm.

Taking place on Friday 24 February at the Hawick Town Hall, 44 Cross Wynd, Hawick TD9 9EF, locals are invited to provide feedback as to how they would like the scheme to benefit the region.

By committing to this initiative, the Hamilton based developer will provide a programme of long term investment in projects that support the Borders economy and the prospects of local people over the lifetime of the development.

Jeannie Kielty, community relations manager at Banks Renewables, said: “We are incredibly proud of the work we put into the communities in which we operate and the Connect2Renewables initiative is a huge part of this.

“Birneyknowe Wind Farm would open up substantial, long-term opportunities that would deliver funding to support local community and sports groups in the area, while providing significant investment and opportunities for local businesses.

“We want to ensure that the benefits from the wind farm are maximised for local people and the local economy. Getting input from local people plays a key role in doing so.”

Local communities and businesses are urged to attend to learn more about C2R and the wind farm, which is located between Hawick and Bonchester Bridge.

Further funding will provide support for jobs, training and apprenticeships – creating around 210 opportunities over the first five years of the operation.

Once opertional, the Birneyknowe wind farm would also contribute £15 million in business rates to the Scottish Borders Council over the life of the development.

Jeannie added: “The C2R Skills and Opportunities fund would support apprenticeships and work-based learning, as well as supporting the growth and regeneration of the local economy.”

In addition to providing green energy, Banks Renewables strives to provide communities that host its wind farms with benefits that will make a meaningful, positive and lasting difference to the lives of those living closest to the sites.

Connect2Renewables is an initiative between the local communities, Banks and local authorities which seeks to maximise the social and economic benefit of the development to the local area.

This will be achieved through a commitment from Banks to deliver a significant proportion of the contracted construction value to companies local to the site, as well as a pledge to localise any economic activity throughout the lifecycle of the development.

To find out more about the proposed Birneyknowe Wind Farm please click here

Birneyknowe Wind Farm would open up substantial, long-term opportunities that would deliver funding to support local community.

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