Reed bed and wild flowers improving landscape and drainage at North Tyneside housing development

June 29, 2015 | Forest Gate, North Tyneside News

A North East employer has gone back to nature to help manage drainage requirements on a North Tyneside residential development.

Family-owned Banks Property, part of The Banks Group, has been carrying out landscaping improvements at the Palmersville development, off Great Lime Road, close to the Cobalt Business Park, which include the enhancement of a 30m x 10m reed bed near the site.

Banks’ landscape management team worked with Bedlington-based landscape and environmental contractor W L Straughan & Son Ltd to place more than 600 new plants, to take the numbers in the bed up to around the 1,500 mark.

The reeds, having been grown from seed, are regionally sourced and planted as cell grown plants. They help to filter the water that comes from around the Palmersville development, with the pond providing a means of managing water run-off from land adjacent to the houses.

As the reeds grow and strengthen in the years to come, the bed will become even more effective at managing water leaving the area.

Wild flowers seeding has also been undertaken as part of the landscaping work, in order to enhance what the area has to offer in terms of habitats for birds, insects and other local wildlife.

The Palmersville development, adjacent to the existing Forest Gate development, encompasses 61 family homes, and has been developed by Bett Homes North East as part of a drive to help meet an acknowledged need for more family housing across North Tyneside.

Phil Straughan, managing director at W L Straughan & Son Ltd, says: “Reed beds are acknowledged as being amongst the most effective means of urban water filtration available, and as well as having this function, they also provide useful habitats and feeding areas for local wildlife.”

Richard Hutchinson, landscape manager at The Banks Group, adds: “The reed bed and landscaping work we’ve undertaken has both aesthetic and practical reasons behind it, and adds to the overall quality and setting of the Palmersville development.

“We’ve used reed beds at a number of our other schemes, and they provide a natural means of managing water.  As the reeds grow and spread, they also offer an ever-improving habitat that will attract and support a range of wildlife species.

“Our Palmersville development has proved very popular with people wanting to move to or stay in North Tyneside, and the positive impact on the area it is bringing in terms of new and improved facilities is only just beginning to be realised.”

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