Local nursery banking on development go-ahead

January 7, 2015 | Property News

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The owners of a Gartcosh nursery are calling on North Lanarkshire Council to give the go-ahead for the Glenboig New Village property development, citing the huge economic and community benefits that the project would generate.

Banks Property, the Hamilton based business behind the proposal, has received very strong support from local business leaders who are passionate about seeing the exciting plans become a reality.

The Glenboig development could see 1,040 new homes being built in the former mining village – part of a Community Growth Area identified by local planners and the Scottish Government.

Jim and Julie Agnew – the founders and owners of Lochview Nursery in neighbouring Gartcosh – are hugely supportive of the proposal.

Jim said: “If the green-light is given, we will be looking to grow our business rather than just consolidate. This would result in a significant increase in job opportunities with us, which will presumably be mirrored in other businesses in the area.

“Local businesses have really got behind the development and there is now a real consensus as they too will be able to plan for growth, which is vital to the future of the area.

“The community has badly needed regeneration since the steelworks closed down, resulting in fewer incentives for the local economy. The Glenboig development would suddenly provide a huge incentive for business, as the population would increase by several thousand.”

Having attended a public exhibition in March and spoken to representatives of Banks Property, Jim and Julie saw the huge potential benefits the development could provide.

Despite issues with the nursery’s application for planning permission, Jim is still adamant that he will see his business grow.

Jim added: “Unfortunately our own planning application to expand the nursery was refused, mainly due to objections regarding the increase in traffic expected. However, as part of the Glenboig development, Banks’ have since announced the plan to build a link road, which is fantastic news and should help alleviate these concerns.

“We are currently in talks with our architect and looking at how we can get the nursery expansion approved – should the Glenboig development be built.

“If our amended nursery expansion project does not gain approval we will probably look for additional premises to cater for the demand in childcare in the area.”

In an area that suffered historically from the loss of its mines and fire clay work, residents can see the potential the development has to revitalise the area.

As well as the new homes, locals will also benefit from improved transport networks, with the introduction of a new link road connecting Glenboig directly to Gartcosh Business Park, the local train station and the M73, creating new capacity, freeing up the key junctions and making it quicker and easier for residents to get around.

During the construction of the site, local businesses are also set to welcome a boost as they are encouraged to join Banks’ supply chain which in turn will create a wealth of employment opportunities, estimated at 700 jobs.

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