Public exhibition planned in the Scottish Borders

June 14, 2013 | Birneyknowe News

Local residents and businesses in the Scottish Borders are invited to learn about the benefits that renewable energy could bring to their area.

We are asking those living and working locally to our proposed Birneyknowe Wind Farm to attend a series of exhibitions aimed at generating feedback and coming up with a design proposal that suits everyone.

As well as discussing the proposal and design we will also highlight the unique opportunity for surrounding communities to benefit from the project.

All exhibitions will be held between 3pm and 7pm starting on Tuesday 18 June at William Laidlaw Memorial Hall in Bonchester Bridge, then Wednesday 19 June at Denholm Village Hall, Denholm, and on Thursday 20 June at Tower Mill in Kirkstile, Hawick.

Phil Dyke, development director at Banks Renewables, said: “We are excited by the opportunity this project has created for everyone, Banks Renewables and the local communities, to make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future.

“We would like to continue active community participation in the project’s development, as our experience has shown this results in better outcomes for everyone.

“We have organised these exhibitions for local residents, business and community groups to come along and find out more about the proposal and the benefits it can bring, as well as welcome any feedback they may have.

“Hopefully through this process of meetings, we can reaffirm to locals that the development will take into account their opinions and reviews, with the ultimate aim of creating a development which is as acceptable to as many people as possible.”

We have extensive experience working with communities across Scotland to successfully design and deliver major energy, property and regeneration schemes; making a positive impact on the environment, the economy and the local community.

Equivalent projects are set to result in the creation of jobs and training initiatives, provision of community infrastructure, delivery of major environmental projects and direct funding into community groups.

Last month a 60m test mast went up at the Birneyknowe site, a device which will measure wind speeds at the site and data gathered over the next three years will help inform the suitability and design of a wind farm in this area.

The Birneyknowe Wind Farm project could comprise up to 15 turbines of a maximum of up to 132 m each, generating up to 51MW of energy.

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