Turbine erection begins at Armistead wind farm site

January 15, 2013 | Armistead News


Work to erect the first of the six turbines that will make up the Armistead wind farm in south Cumbria has begun.

The delivery of components to the Armistead site by developer Banks Renewables has been progressing smoothly since early December, with minimal disruption being caused to local traffic.

Almost half of the turbine components are now in place on the site, which is located on land near the village of Old Hutton, to the east of the M6 between junctions 36 and 37, and the first two turbine towers have now been built. 

The components include blades, turbine tower sections, hubs and nacelles, which are the housings placed at the top of the turbine that contains the generator and gearbox.

Work to erect the third and fourth turbine towers is continuing, subject to suitable weather conditions, and further components are scheduled to be delivered to the site over the coming weeks.

When it is fully operational, the Armistead wind farm will have an installed capacity of 12.3 Mega watts of renewable electricity.

It has already brought a wide range of other benefits to the area, including new jobs and contracts for local firms, a new pedestrian footway through Old Hutton and the Armistead Wind Farm Community Fund will make grants up to £12,300 every year that will make a positive, long-term difference to community groups and facilities in the area.

Phil Dyke, development director at Banks Renewables, says: “Erecting the first turbine on site is obviously a real landmark for us, and takes us one step closer to being able to generate substantial amounts of renewable energy from the Armistead scheme.

“A great deal of work went into the planning of our delivery schedule to both minimise local traffic disruption and ensure that everyone is fully kept up to date on when deliveries are scheduled to take place, and we’re very pleased with how things have gone so far.

“The daily email alert service we instituted to advise local people in advance when and where transport movements were taking place has been operating as planned, and we’re grateful to the local authorities, the police, the Armistead community liaison committee and people living in the area for their help in making this process as efficient and undisruptive as possible.

“Further deliveries will take place over the coming weeks to enable us to continue the construction process, and we will ensure that everyone remains fully informed about the schedule ahead of any convoys’ arrival.”

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