Employment opportunities renewed by wind farm developer

November 5, 2012 | Quixwood Moor News

Banks Renewables has proposed an innovative apprenticeship scheme which will provide budding construction workers in the Scottish Borders with a step onto the jobs ladder.

We will be working closely with local contractors to invest in the work force of the future by creating between five and ten apprenticeship positions during the construction of the Banks Quixwood Wind Farm, should planning permission be granted.We have already announced that £7.1million worth of construction work could be created for local businesses in the construction of the proposed site and now it will ensure the development of skills across jobs in areas such as construction, fabrication and aggregates.

Ged Gowans, Director of Borders Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are delighted that Banks Renewables is investing in the community and offering support for training and employment in this way.

“As well as opening up job opportunities in the construction and renewables sector, it also provides an excellent way for local businesses to offer their support for apprenticeships in the area.

“Hopefully this scheme will bring a lot of value not just for the individuals and the businesses who take part, but for the wider local economy as well.”

Under our Banks Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme, contractors who tender for work on the site at Quixwood Moor, will have to agree to offer a certain number of local apprenticeship positions, as part of their contract

Subsequent to planning permission being granted the apprenticeship positions could be created within the next 12 months and Banks hopes that this will create further opportunities for employment and training for local people in the construction and renewables industry.

Phil Dyke, director at Banks Renewables said: “At Banks we take every care to ensure that our development sites benefit neighbouring communities as much as possible and one way in which we can do this, is through the creation of apprenticeships for local people.

“We are fully committed to our development with care approach and all of our sites evolve through close consultation with the local community. From this we are able to indentify issues of real importance to them – issues such as education and employment.

“It is no secret that it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people, and those straight out of school, to find stable jobs, and through offering local young people practical experience within an established sector, and established firms, we are giving them the best shot at an established career path.

“We hope that, in adopting this scheme, we will establish a robust, co-ordinated and effective approach to helping young people into the labour market, one which can be used as template for other firms looking to introduce similar schemes.”

We have already submitted a planning application to Scottish Borders Council earlier this year to create a 14 turbine wind farm at Quixwood Moor between Grantshouse and Abbey St Bathans in Berwickshire.

The project at Quixwood could generate up to 32.3MW of energy, enough to meet the annual energy needs of 19,400 homes and would displace 54,200 tonnes of CO2 annually from the atmosphere that would otherwise be released if the electricity was generated using fossil fuel powered electricity generation.

Our development director, Phil Dyke talks through more of the community benefits associated with the Quixwood Moor Wind Farm in our latest video which can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCAcW5RuZgw&feature=plcp

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