Local running club works with the wind

October 4, 2012 | Community News

A local running club, Strathaven Striders, has been given a second wind thanks to a generous donation from Banks Renewables, helping them breeze towards the finish line of their Run With The Wind 10k event.

John Pitt, secretary and coach of Strathaven Striders is delighted with a £500 donation from the Hamilton-Based developer, which will contribute to organising costs for the annual charity event, now in its sixth year. 

He said: “We are so pleased to have received the generous donation from Banks Renewables, as well as other people who have made donations.

“Here at Strathaven Striders we’re all chasing after our shared passion of running, no matter the experience level of each member. This 10K gives us the opportunity to do just that by raising enough money to train all of our members, which costs about £150 per runner.

“For many of our members, this is their first 10k—something special even the ironmen triathletes among us remember fondly. It’s a big deal, and we want to make it as great an experience as possible. 

“Without the financial support from organisations such as Banks Renewables, we couldn’t dream of holding an event this important to us, much less continue this club which is as much a support group as it is a training facility.” 

As well as making the generous donation, members of Banks Renewables team will also take part in this year’s race and will be lead by director Colin Anderson. 

Banks Renewables has submitted plans for a 26 turbine wind farm at Kype Muir Farm to the Scottish Government and a final decision is expected by the end of the year. Proposals for the site have already received support from South Lanarkshire Council. 

If approved the site could generate energy to power up to 58,000 homes and would displace up to 117,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year that would otherwise be released if that electricity was produced from fossil fuel power.

As part of its development with care approach, the company identifies local community groups and voluntary organisations that it can support in the vicinity of its renewable energy developments. 

Colin Anderson, development director at Banks Renewables, said: “The most rewarding way to build a relationship in local communities is by taking an interest in people’s passions, and we are excited to support Strathaven Striders for just that reason.

“It is important to us that we develop positive, long term relationships with local communities and work jointly with them to ensure that local businesses, families and other organisations see real, long lasting benefits from their local wind farm.

“The physical and mental endurance required to complete a 10k is truly impressive, and we figured they’d need as much support as possible.

“We hope that our sponsorship makes a difference to the club, and we wish them the best of luck during Run with the Wind as well as during the training process.” 

Run with the Wind will take place on 4th November at the Ardochrig entrance to Whitelee Wind Farm and finish in Kirkland Park, Strathaven and over 500 runners are expected to take part this year.

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