Local authority: Northumberland County Council
Postcode of nearby property: NE23 8AU
Site status: Operational
Site area: 400 hectares (including the Northumberlandia Landform Park)
Amount of coal to be recovered: 6 million tonnes
Site duration: Programmed production 2018. Restoration 2019.
Jobs: 150 jobs
Traffic movements: Up to 190 coal wagons per day
Restoration: Northumberlandia landform park

Banks Mining’s Shotton surface coal mine is an operational site in Cramlington, Northumberland on the Blagdon Estate. The site covers around 342 hectares of land which includes the Northumberlandia Landform Park.  There is approximately 6 million tonnes of coal to be recovered and the site supports 150 jobs. Banks Mining has been extracting coal from this site since 2008.

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Downloads: Shotton & Brenkley Lane Community Update, August 2015

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