Middle Muir

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Middle Muir Wind Farm

Middle Muir was granted planning permission by the Energy Consents and Deployment Unit (ECDU) in September 2014. We are currently undertaking site investigation (SI) work to allow us to fully understand the ground conditions and discharge our pre-commencement planning conditions.

The SI process will last approximately 10 weeks and involves digging ‘trial pits’ and drilling bore holes, which will give a clear picture of the ground conditions prior to commencing the development of the wind farm. It is expected that the SI process will finish before the middle of December.

For the SI and construction process we remain committed to maximizing local resources and expertise and, where possible, we have appointed local companies to undertake the work. See the News section for more information on local suppliers who we have used. This is a key commitment which has been set out in the Connect2Renewables charter: http://www.banksgroup.co.uk/connect2renewables/our-commitment/

In addition to this, Middle Muir Wind farm will guarantee the local community the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Community Fund of up to £255,000 per annum, Up to £6.37million over the life time of the wind farm project
  • Banks Renewables hopes to ensure 50% of the annual community benefit fund £127,500 is directed through the employment and training initiative in partnership with SLC. This Fund will last for five years totaling £637,500 this will help create, jobs, apprenticeships, training and grants for local communities
  • The opportunity to create local community trusts or bodies to develop and then deliver local action plans using the guaranteed long term funding
  • A guarantee from Banks Renewables that a minimum percentage of the total construction cost of Middle Muir Wind Farm will be directed through local companies
  • The project will support and generate habitat improvements to The Red Moss bog near Douglas, which is internationally recognized as one of Europe’s rarest and most threatened habitats

Further Information

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