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You can submit your comments at Northumberland County Council\'s planning portal - please copy this address into your web browser and search \'Highthorn\'- https://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/


Please enter your details in the form below and let us know your reasons for supporting Highthorn in the free text box below. Some examples are:

  • Highthorn will create at least 50 new valuable, skilled careers in Northumberland and support apprenticeships
  • Highthorn will maintain the careers of at least 50 local staff on Banks’ current operational sites
  • It will provide an additional £48,000,000 economic contribution into the local supply chain
  • By not importing the 3m tonnes of coal Highthorn provides from other countries, we will be keeping £120,000,000 in the UK economy
  • Banks Mining, through Highthorn, would make a tax contribution of £6,000,000
  • £450,000 community fund for communities close to Highthorn, with 50% earmarked for a skills fund to help local unemployed people overcome barriers to work
  • If Highthorn were successful, Banks Mining have neogtiated the halting of the sand extraction of a mile stretch of Druridge Bay
  • Over 100 hectares of wetlands and wildlife habitats would be created
  • 7.9km of footpaths, bridle ways and cycle paths would be created
  • The Discover Druridge initiative would leave a positive, lasting tourism and wildlife legact for the area

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