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Birneyknowe Wind Farm

Our Partnership Proposal

The proposed Birneyknowe Wind Farm partnership would provide the community with:

  • Guaranteed minimum annual revenue based on £5,000 per MW installed
  • The opportunity to create local community trusts or bodies to develop and then deliver local action plans using the guaranteed long term funding provided by the partnership.
  • We will look to ensure from Banks Renewables that a minimum percentage of the total Birneyknowe Wind Farm construction cost will be directed through local companies.






Initial consultations have indicated that a major benefit of the scheme could be the creation of permanent job opportunities and exploring how existing jobs could be secured.
We are looking to see how this could happen and we would welcome ideas from members of the local community on how this could be achieved.
We want to work in partnership with your local community to create a positive legacy. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how this partnership could help achieve your community’s aspirations

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