Why Renewables?

A group visit to one of Banks Renewables' wind farms

There are a number of key reasons why it is essential the UK increases its production of renewable energy:

The environment

Renewable technologies enable us to generate clean energy that has a lower environmental impact than conventional technologies.  By increasing our capacity for generating green energy we will in turn reduce our green house gas emissions, thereby helping to mitigate global warming.  As a country we have committed to do this by initially signing the Kyoto Protocol and more recently agreeing to EU targets.

Energy for future generations

Sources of renewable energy will not run out and do not consume finite mineral resources.

Jobs and the economy

The development and maintenance of renewable energy projects creates employment in a wide range of sectors.  It is estimated that if the EU’s 2020 renewable energy targets are met 160,000 jobs could be created across Europe.

Energy security

By generating our own supply of power from sustainable resources we reduce our reliance on other sources of power that are imported.  For example the UK currently imports 70 per cent of the coal that it consumes, if this supply were to be restricted in any way we could be vulnerable to power cuts.