Lambs Hill

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Planning permission granted at planning committee on 7 December 2011. A liaison committee for the site was set up in February 2016 to allow information to be given to and from Banks and the local community. Construction of the wind farm began in March 2016 and is on track to be complete by the end of 2016. The Lambs Hill Wind Farm Fund will be available for local groups and organisations to apply to when construction work is complete.


  • Local Planning Authority Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
  • Site Status Construction on the site is well underway and should be completed late 2016.
  • Number of Turbines 4
  • Tip Height 125 metres
  • Electricity Generation Capacity 2 - 2.5 MW per turbine
  • Lifetime of Wind Farm 25 Years, 10 months for construction and decommissioning
  • Traffic Movement An approved traffic management plan (TMP) will be agreed prior to starting on site.
  • Community Engagement Monthly liaison committee meetings are being held to ensure the community is kept informed with progress of the wind farm.

Benefits of Scheme

Potential to contribute to UK targets for renewable electricity generation in line with government aims, in an area identified as being suitable for wind farm development.

An indigenous, secure and reliable source of energy at a time of rising international energy prices and increasing instability of supply.

Investment in the local economy during construction of the wind farm, with opportunities for employment.

Establishment of a community development fund which will be targeted at local communities. This could be used to improve local facilities through working with existing community groups and also to improve energy efficiency and implement micro renewable generation, particularly to reduce fuel poverty.

Improvements and enhancements to Stillington Forest Park have been agreed and will be delivered from Autumn 2016 for 25 years.

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